Rejuvenate Your Skin with Stem Cells

Are you looking for an answer to your aging skin?

The answer is already waiting – inside your own body to give you:

• a younger-looking face

• smooth, supple hands

• skin that glows with a natural radiance

That answer? A simple, safe, effective process that puts your own stem cells to work for a better-looking you.

A process that Dr. Thomas Balshi of the Palm Beach Stem Cell Therapy Clinic can help you put to work.

A Tested, Natural Approach

Since the 1980s, dermatologists like Dr. Thomas Balshi of the Palm Beach Stem Cell Therapy Clinic have used “adipose tissue grafts” to fill in the gaps that nature and time have created on patients’ hands and faces. Dr. Balshi moves small amounts of fat from a patient’s abdomen and adds it to the hands, face, breasts –anywhere it can help rebuild the volume that age takes away.

In 2001, a major scientific breakthrough opened the door to even better impacts. Researchers discovered that our fat holds billions of dormant stem cells. Activated, these tiny cells pick up signals from our bodies and turn into the other cells our body needs – blood vessels, muscle, skin, organs and more. They opened the way to a new field of regenerative medicine.

Dr. Balshi is combining the best of his training and experience in internal medicine and dermatology with the latest evidence of what stem cells can do through the Palm Beach Stem Cell Therapy Clinic.

Dr. Balshi and his team use an easy, well-tested process. They:

• Extract a small amount of fat from your abdomen using Dr. Balshi’s advanced liposuction techniques

• Process the living fat tissue to free your stem cells

• Extract a small amount of blood to draw out its platelets to create a Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP). The natural growth factors found inside your platelets accelerate soft tissue rejuvenation results. They encourage the growth of blood supply for healthier tissue.

• Use an advanced technology to activate your stem cells

• Combine the living fat tissue and the activated stem cells in the PRP.

• Adds the new tissue to your face, hands and wherever it is needed to gently add volume for new life to your skin, including removing or reducing wrinkles.

The research evidence tells us this process works because stem cells seem to respond to signals from the fat and skin cells to encourage the growth of new blood vessels. Those blood vessels carry oxygen and nutrients that not only enable the tissue graft to thrive – they work their magic on your skin too, helping it to look younger, more supple and healthier. The results are naturally brilliant and radiate youth.

The same science and technologies are making a difference in other skin needs too. People are turning to Dr. Balshi and the Palm Beach Stem Cell Therapy Clinic for many cosmetic treatments.

• Injecting activated stem cells into surgical scars often delivers improved color and flatter, softer scars.

• Introducing stem cell into old acne scars can reduce them and improve their look.

•Stretch marks can disappear.

•Sun damaged skin is being repaired.

Because Dr. Balshi’s procedures simply move your own tissue from one part of your body to another, there is no risk of allergic reactions. They offer safe, predictable and consistent benefits.

To find out if stem cell therapy might be the right approach for you, contact the Palm Beach Stem Cell Therapy Clinic now for a consultation.


Please note that although we treat patients with their own stem cells, we do not guarantee the outcome of the treatment. This is not considered a cure-all for your condition. Our Autologous Stem Cell Therapy is not an FDA approved treatment for any condition. We provide stem cell therapy as a service and as a practice of medicine only. Please contact one of our representatives at 1-855-BALSHI-MD for more information should you have any questions.